Measurement Inspection Instructions

Dear Competitors! We all wish a hassle free measurement process before the races. Please read the instructions below to be fully prepared and make this part of the event as easy-going as possible.


FD World Championship 2013
Spartacus Sailing Club, Lake Balaton, Hungary
Friday 24 May to Saturday 1 June 2013



All boats, equipment and sails must be presented for IFDCO registration, inspection and measurement. Please sign up on the notice board in the measurement area after check in at the Race Office.



Measurement will be in the measurement “tent”.



Measurement times:
Friday 24 May  14:00 – 19:00 hrs
Saturday 25 May  09:00 – 19:00 hrs
Sunday 26 May  09:00 – 17:00 hrs



Measuring will be in sequence of entry on the measurement inspection signup sheet. Competitors are invited to enter their sail number, bow number and name on the sheet posted near the measurement desk.

It is in the interest of the competitors that measurement/regatta inspection is completed as quickly as possible, in order to have maximum time left for eventual corrections. To try to minimize waiting time for competitors and measurers there will be no fixed times, measurement will take place in the order shown on the sheet. At 12.00 and 17.00 the times for the next period will be noted on the sheet. Competitors are advised to check the running order. Please note that boats not present on time may well slip down the list.


Note that Rule 113, limitation of equipment, is in force for this regatta, so only 1 mainsail, 1 spinnaker, 2 Genoas, 1 mast, 1 boom, 2 spinnaker poles, 1 centreboard, and 1 rudder may be measured in.


However, up till the end of the measurement period equipment and sails may be offered to replace items which have already passed measurement. (This will require careful timing, it may be that such things can only be accommodated at the end of inspection for that day)


Valid Measurement Certificates with matching Measurement Form and IFDCO Membership Cards, with the proper dues sticker for both HELM and CREW, are to be shown at measurement as well as at regatta registration. Sail buttons can be issued on the spot.


Boats should be presented in DRY condition, complete with ALL required gear, sails, spars, trapeze belts, lifejackets etc. with the centerboard loose but in place.


Measuring will be carried out as per the 1 March 2012 FD Class Rules.


Attention is drawn to the fact that Rule 39 specifies that it must be possible to remove sheets for weighing.


In accordance with Class Rule 11.3 only the owner and the crew of the boat, the measurers, members of the Jury and IFDCO Measurement and Technical Committee are permitted to be present at the measurement.


All material will be marked upon passing measurement. The skipper is required to check that all event stickers and stamps are in place and sign a statement to that effect before leaving measurement/regatta inspection.
Helmsmen are responsible that the various markings are in place when leaving measurement and remain intact and intelligible. If the markings are at any time in danger of disappearing or becoming illegible it is the responsibility of the skipper to contact the measurer for their renewal.


Only items which are marked as per point 13 may be used during the races. Boats may be checked for equipment used at the finish of each race and/or  ashore at any time.


Any work (including painting, sanding and sewing) on or alterations to the boats and equipment after measurement must be brought to the attention of the measurers.


The fact that some boats may have been competing in the Pre-Regatta Races or that there may be practice races during measurement will not be grounds for not completing measurement inspection by 17:00h on Sunday 26 May 2013.


Please note that anyone presenting a wet boat for inspection will not be in a position to have their boat corrector weights reduced.