FD Worlds – Day 4

In trying conditions – cold, rainy weather, but good winds – the 85-strong FD fleet sailed another two races on Thursday, bringing the number of completed races to seven. Race 6 was won by the Hungarian team of Majthényi–Domokos (HUN 70). Their main rivals the Bojsen–Moller brothers (DEN 21) and the duo of Kramer–Geelkerken (NED 26) finished right behind them on 2nd and 3rd place.

Race 7 brought more rain and wind. It was won by the sharp Danes, second on the line were the Vespasiani brothers (ITA 4), followed by the Dutch team on 3rd place. Majthényi–Domokos finished back in 9th.

Top 3 after 7 races:

1. NED 26 Kramer–Geelkerken

2. DEN 21 Bojsen–Moller

3. HUN 70 Majthényi–Domokos

+ Preliminary result after 7 races

+ Photo Gallery


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